Quilting With Your Kids

Now that I have little ones running around I don’t have as much free time as I would like to do the things that I enjoy, like quilting. When I do get a chance to quilt, they are always by my side asking questions and are just overall curious about everything that I am doing.

Because of this, I have been finding ways to get them more involved with what I am doing. Even when they were small babies I always talked to them and described what I was doing. I think this helped making them feel involved and included in my projects. Also, studies have shown that it increases their brain power.

kids quiltingThey are older now and are capable of becoming even more involved. Here are a few things that they have been helping me with as I work on my new quilt:

  • Help in choosing the pattern
  • Cutting the fabric blocks
  • Measuring
  • Sewing
  • Attaching the batting
  • Cleaning up 🙂

As you can see, there is a surprising amount of tasks your child can help you with as you prepare your quilt.

One of the most rewarding experiences so far has been getting my boy to sew. His interest in sewing was evident very early on. He was always fascinated with it as I worked and asked tons of questions. When I felt he was old enough I got him to help me push the fabric through the sewing machine and that satisfied him for a while, but I quickly realized that I would need to get him a sewing machine of his very own.

Which Sewing Machine Should I Buy?

kids sewing machineWhen I started looking for a sewing machine I was quite surprised I had such a hard time deciding which sewing machine would be a good choice for a child. There are quite a few inexpensive sewing machines out there, but lots of them weren’t reliable enough to my liking.

I started my search on the internet and found a few very helpful resources that narrowed my selection down. When I had my list of favorite kids sewing machines I went down to my local sewing machine provider and tried them out.

Each one had its positives and negatives. Some came with more stitches than others, but one of the most important things that I was looking for was something small and easy enough for him to take to a sewing class or to his grandma’s house. This led me to the Janome Fast Lane sewing machine. It is small, easy to use and comes in a variety of cool colors. We went with the blue one.

Since then, my boy has been sewing up a storm. He loves his new toy and has made all sorts of cute projects. He started with making a small pillow for his sisters doll. Then made a change purse for his mom. Each project has gotten more complicated and his skills have grown quickly. He is needing less and less of my help which is so fun and satisfying to watch.

If you are having trouble thinking of sewing projects that are appropriate for your child there are so many resources out there for you. Online there are many websites that have free projects or you can purchase one of the many outstanding beginner sewing books you can find in your local bookstore.

I encourage everyone to include your children in whatever craft you are interested in. It is fun and increases their creative instincts and independence. Happy quilting!



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