{ Reader Poll } Do You Sew Barefoot?

While driving to work today I found myself analyzing my morning routine and thinking how the whole process affects my day. I’m talking about the mundane things we all do every day in the same order, without thinking. The tiny rituals you perform to help you get out the door in the morning. Do you get up and jump in the shower? Do you have breakfast first? What’s the last thing you always do before leaving the house? If you forget to do any of those things does it throw your entire day off?

Can you tell I’m total type A? 🙂

The whole questioning my routine scenario came about when I was ten miles from home and having that “I forgot to do something” feeling. I was running through my morning routine in my head…

Got up, jumped in the shower, grabbed some coffee, ironed my clothes, got dressed, said hi to the kids, said bye to my wife, got the kids out the door and in the car, dropped them to the babysitter, headed to work…

It didn’t do me any good. I couldn’t come up with anything I “forgot” to do. All was well so to speak. I just chalked it up to rushing out the door and giving little thought to what I was doing. Maybe I set my coffee cup on the counter instead of in the sink and my brain was telling me I did something different than normal, therefore throwing a bright red flag up in my subconscious. Who knows.

Needless to say I had a crazy moment… but wait, I wasn’t done yet…

The entire experience got me thinking about the things we as quilters do when we’re in our sewing rooms. The stuff we do without giving much thought to. Is there always music on in the background, a TV maybe? Do you raise the presser foot lever with your right or left hand? Do you pull the loose threads from your machine to the left or the right after clipping them from your block? Crazy stuff like that. If you forced yourself to change the way you sew, how would it make you feel? Would you get the same creative satisfaction when you were finished or would you have the urge to do it over again?

We’re all creatures of habit and one thing I always do is have my shoes off when I’m sewing. In fact, I don’t think I have my shoes on at all when I’m in the studio. Even at guild meetings it seems foreign to be piecing with anything but socks on my feet. It’s like using someone else’s machine to sew. It feels odd, right? You get used how your machine is set up. Having something between my foot and the machine pedal kind of gives me the same feeling. It totally screws up my quilting mojo.

I’d like to hear from you about this. I started a poll in the right hand side of the blog posing the question, “Do you sew with or without your shoes on?” Yes? No? Doesn’t really matter? Are you brave enough to answer?