Saturday… Just Another Work Day

SATURDAY GREETINGS EVERYBODY – Just checking in. My sisters and family arrived for the Easter holiday on Friday afternoon. We’ve had fun catching up with all the happenings going on in their lives. My one sister spent the night last night and we stayed up late watching Paula Dean and Barefoot Contessa on the food network (some of our guilty pleasures).

Today, we got up early to spend the day catching up orders for the shop. My mother came over around 8:30 with my youngest sister. She’s been saying she wants to help me with orders so she can learn how I create some of my items. I had 2 wholesale orders to complete (one quite a disaster). I’ll elaborate on that a little later, SO SORRY DALE AND LINDA! We poured over 100 orders of cupcake tarts and candles. Whew!

My mother spent the afternoon recycling tin cans into “rusty” cans for candles.

On my agenda after Easter festivities:

Pack Etsy and eBay orders to ship Monday
Pack giveaway goodies for everyone (yes the giveaway from March!) I am so behind!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER tomorrow. I’ll be back again on Monday. See you then!