Saturday Stash Additions

Oh, boy! Look at what I just picked up at my favorite department store!

I was speaking with one of the sales ladies and I mentioned I was participating in an online swap, ALQS3. I said I had a loose idea of what I was thinking of doing. And that I was planning on using all batiks and wanted to include some yarn embellishments for a little change of pace. Sounds artsy enough, right?

She got a big smile on her face and pulled a big basket of all sorts of new fancy yarns for me to take a look at. The colors just popped right out at me.

This was my very first yarn purchase so that made me very excited. I just opened up a whole new window for decorating my quilts.

My question for you would be, are there any great yarn and embellishment companies out there that I’ve been missing out on? Please fill me in.