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It’s Friday once again and you all know what that means! It’s time for Fat Quarter Shop Fridays! Let’s get this party started…

Every once in a while a fabric line is released that completely takes everyone by surprise. You know, a breath of fresh air in the quilting world. That’s how I interpret Aneela Hoey’s April 2011 release from Moda Fabrics, Sherbet Pips. I can still feel the buzz in the air from 2010 fall Market where everyone was raving about the designs. ME included! From what I saw, Pips were the first to sell out at the Moda booth during Sample Spree.

Aneela stopped by earlier in the week and chatted with me about her background and what inspired her to name her fabric Pips.

Thanks for being here today Aneela! Please introduce yourself:

RWQ: How long have you been designing fabric? What is your design background?

I’m an avid quilter, embroidery pattern designer and now new fabric designer with Moda. I graduated with a degree in printed textile design from Winchester School of Art in the early 90’s, then worked in studios in London and New York as well as freelance. After getting married and raising my two daughters (now aged 7 and 10) I developed a serious quilting habit and started keeping a blog. About a year and a half ago, I began printing designs through Spoonflower and selling them in my etsy shop which led me to start designing for Moda.

RWQ: Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing in general?

I draw all my inspiration from what is happening around me, which happens to be spending time with my daughters and also from my sketches and doodles. All my work seems to stem from my doodles which are really just idea’s I am jotting down in picture form for later use. The doodles get turned into applique’s, embroidery designs and fabric designs.

RWQ: Is there anything you want to tell my readers about your inspiration for Sherbet Pips (ie: your color choice inspiration, a trip that may have inspired the line, etc.)? Do you have a favorite print in the collection?

The two lead designs in the pips began life as embroideries inspired by my daughters playing which I later worked into fabric designs. I like to work with imagery that is happy and kind of nostalgic and describes the personality of my daughters which is mostly playful and dreamy. I really wanted the playfulness and dreaminess to come across in the fabric. The colours really just came from the shades I like to work with when making my own quilts. My favourite print just has to be the girl on the tree swing one, though I love all my fabric babies!

Sherbet PipsSherbet Pips

RWQ: Is this your first design to be licensed on fabric? If no, can you briefly tell us about your other lines?

I designed prints for fabric about 10 years ago but I have no clue as to who they sold to or what kinds of fabric they were made into. I did all kinds of prints from conversationals to florals and very arty prints too.

RWQ: How would you describe your quilting “style”?

I am completely obsessed with quilting. No matter how many I make, I always have plans to make more. I love scrappy quilts, crazy piecing and also very simple quilts just made out of squares. I love doing traditional blocks in modern fabrics and also like to throw a lot of fussy cut pieces into my designs.

RWQ: One of the hardest parts of designing for me is coming up with the names for my patterns. How do you pick the names for your fabrics?

For each of the fabric prints, I name them for what they are, i.e. ‘girl on a tree swing’ or ‘scarf stripe’. There is no point in thinking up fancy names as people will just call them by whatever imagery they see in there. Naming the fabric line though is fun, as it forms an identity for the fabrics.

‘Sherbet pips’ are tiny little hard boiled sweets that are sold in old fashioned sweet shops which you purchase by weight. I just love everything that the name conjures up which is nostalgia, sweetness, childhood, the good old days…..

RWQ: How can my readers find more information about you and your company?

My blog:
My shop:
My fabric:
My flickr:

Oh wow! Thanks for giving us a peek into your world Aneela! I would have never guessed that Pips were a candy.

Speaking of candy, how about a little fabric candy for everyone!?! We’ve got some Sherbet Pips precuts to give away. That’s right… I have a jelly roll, and 2 charm packs available out of my own personal collection!

**!!GIVEAWAY UPDATE!!** Kimberly of the Fat Quarter Shop has just informed me that one winner will also receive 5 yards of Pips! (in a combination of their own choosing!!) Thanks Kimberly!!

To enter for your chance to win any of the giveaway prizes, leave a comment on this post. Only one entry per person, please. All duplicate entries will be deleted.

I will draw three winners using the Random Number Generator on Friday, April 1, 2011!

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