Some Photos of My Projects

I recently joined the Quilting forum and have been having lots of fun reading through everyones posts. I gave a little introduction and have had several replies. Most people are asking for photos of my quilts so I thought I’d share a few. Thanks to everyone who replied.

This first picture is of the very first quilt I made. It was for my son Rowan. I didn’t really have a plan, per say. I just cut fabric into squares and sewed them together. When I had enough squares pieced I made them into blocks. Then I added borders. I think at that point I was mostly having fun using the machine. My little guy likes the quilt though. If you look closely, you can see I stitched Ric-Rac around some of the blocks.

Here is my son showing me he caught a “fish.” He’s almost 3.

This next set of photos is of a project I started that was put aside for a little bit. I call it “Sweet Tooth.” I am making log cabin blocks using white and candy themed fabric. I haven’t decided how I’m going to put the whole thing together.

The last photo is of some candle mats I’ve been working on. I offer these in my online shop. I have so much fun making these. It’s a therapy of sorts!

I signed up to participate in the 30’s Four Patches block swap on the Quilting forum. It’s hosted by Deb in WNY. I am so excited. This is my first swap!! I better get to work if I want to have my blocks to her by June 27.

I also have my eye on the Block Lotto swap. I found it too late this month. Hopefully I can join in June.