Studio Update { Mr. Sniffles and Amy Butler }

Well hello there! I’m back. I haven’t seen you since last month, but I haven’t ventured too far away. Just working and dealing with everyday life. I apologize that I’ve been neglecting my shop and blog duties lately. Among all the stresses life has brought us, we did manage to fit in some good news and great family times. Our son Brennan has gotten a clean bill of health from the doctor. The Wiggles came to town and my oldest just had to go. And on top of all the commotion, Mr. Sniffles decided to pay me a visit and I’ve been trying to get rid of him for the past few days! What a terrible house guest he is. Leaving dirty tissues and empty soup bowls about. On a more serious note, please excuse my zany beginning. My cold medicine has just kicked in and I’m feeling good!

I posted some photos of our new studio to Flickr last week and have been eagerly waiting to share them with you. Now, keep in mind that the room is done (the floor is down, the walls have been painted, etc.), but we are still in the process of organizing everything. I boxed up all my fabrics and basically moved them from one room to another. My DW has not started her half of the room yet, but she hopes to be able to make an effort this winter when she has more free time.

Here is an overall photo of my half of the room. As you can see I literally dumped my mess into this side of the room and went with it.

This second photo shows the area behind my sewing table. The fabrics are all still boxed up. I’m still trying to find the perfect way to display them. I’ve been to a few furniture shops looking, but haven’t found just what I wanted. That old insulation board design wall has to go. I may just get a flannel sheet and cover it for now to make it blend in more.

Here is the new sewing table setup. It is working quite well. I love that the machine is lower and I don’t have to raise my arms at chest level to use it. It could be a little longer (not alot of room for my tools when I’m sewing). I may need to get a stand for them.

This is the one section of the room I am happy with at this point. My cutting and tool area. I moved the organizer from my old room. Gave it a fresh coat of paint. It was burgundy before and now it’s CLEAN and NEAT white.

Does John recognize his pillows on the chair?

What do you think? I’m so happy with the way it’s turning out. There are still a few things on my list to tweak, but the space at this point is usable.

Now, to try and cope with Mr. Sniffles’ unwanted company, Amy Butler and I have been working on my first project in the new room! Kerri from Sew Deerly Loved shipped me a nice half yard assortment of AB’s newest line Love. WOW, Thanks Kerri!! I LOVE these prints and I LOVE her shop.

Last night I got down to business cutting these half yards into fatties. One pile for me and one pile for my Pillow Talk {Swap} partner. I’m using John’s ORBC tutorial on wonky squares-in-squares and have cut the swap FQ’s into the appropriate size strips.

I’ll be working on the construction of the blocks for the rest of the day. What are you working on today?

Happy quilting,