The Daffodils Are Smiling…

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE – It’s been a rather lazy day here today. Took the dogs for a walk, worked on some orders to be shipped out tomorrow, and picked some of the first Spring daffodils from our garden out back. I was just posting last week how wonderful it was to see the flower buds popping through the soil. And here, not much later are the flower stems for our picking pleasure! I think they grew a good 6 inches in a matter of a week.

I filled the bird feeders on the deck with the help of my son Rowan. He pointed out to me that this finch was still eating as we were bustling about making noise. He must have been hungry enough to not mind the disturbance.

I think our cat Lucky was enjoying the bird watching too!

I installed this 4 x 4 post on our elevated deck a few weekends ago and got some wrought iron hooks to put on each side of it. My son is having so much fun telling me about all the birds that visit it each day.

Still awaiting the arrival of that package of Deb Strain fabric. And getting excited about receiving Kristie’s treasure box tomorrow. It didn’t show on Saturday 🙁

I’ll be sure to post about both!