The Studio Word of the Year is FINISH!

I don’t know about you all, but I have quite a dedicated space in my studio for UFOs (AKA: the unfinished bits and bobs that are dying slow, agonizing deaths in various sad, quiet drawers around my creative space).  I’ve told myself many times, “self, before you start that awesome new project, don’t you want to finish what you’ve been working on?”


Of course, most of the time I choose to ignore my inner nag. Such a quilting rebel I am.

This results in the mess I see when I occasionally open a drawer.  Cut to me frantically looking for this or that notion and finding a project in pieces that I completely forgot about.  I call this the “quilter’s walk of shame.”  Such a sad, sad state of affairs.  Before I even get my hands on the notion I’m searching for I’ve wasted half an hour looking at the UFO and asking myself why I never finished it.

I seem to be having commitment issues in the studio. (Do they make a pill for that?)

Why am I denying myself that awesome feeling you get when finishing a project?  My creative life needs more finishes, gosh darn it!

What resolutions have you made in your creative life this year?