Trendy Tuesday

Happy Trendy Tuesday everyone!

Welcome to another edition of Trendy Tuesday where I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite trends in the current fabric market. From colors to shapes and all other possibilities, we’ll be looking at similarities among fabric collections hitting store shelves.

Call it kidney shaped or Persian pickles, twisted tear drop or Welsh Pears, this design of Indian and Iranian origin takes its name from a town in central Scotland. Paisley prints are surfacing all over the place in contemporary design it seems. This WAY groovy and almost psychedelic symbol caught on in 1967 during the summer of love and reached its pinnacle in 1968 thanks to the Beatles and a certain pilgrimage to India.

Groovy, baby!

Here are some of my favorite examples of fabric from today’s featured trend:

Cherry Fizzamy_butler_soul_blossoms_dancing_paisley_in_lemonamy_butler_love_cypress_paisley_in_lime

What are some of your favorite fabrics featuring paisley?