Walsh House Backyard Flower Tour

While mowing the lawn this afternoon I couldn’t help but notice how much Spring has finally sprung! The leaves are out on the trees and the flowers in the perennial garden are starting to blossom. I decided to take a few moments and show you some of the flowers I can find in my backyard. My son Rowan was pointing out all the flowers as I was photographing them.

He’s such a ham in front of the camera!

Mommy and baby Brennan stayed inside as it was still a little cool out for them.

Now, forgive me if I don’t come up with all the correct names for these flowers and plants. I’m not always the best at remembering what I’ve planted.

Forsythia has always been one of my Spring favorites. I always clip branches to bring in the house. It brightens the room so much with that great yellow coloring.

Our tour guide was getting a little too rambunctious! I asked him to run a few laps around the lower yard before going inside so he wouldn’t wake his brother up.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!