We’re Baaaack! With a Vengeance!

SUNDAY NIGHT GREETINGS ALL – Whew, those last few days were a whirlwind! After spending the past 2 days in the car, I am happy to say we are back home. Yay! I love vacation, but also love sleeping in my own bed. It’s good to be home!

I have lots to catch you up on. The last time we spoke was Wednesday and so much has happened since then. I never did make it to that last fabric shop. The kiddos and the DW had other plans for me. Beachy plans… It’s not a total loss though. I visited 1 LQS on our vacation and as long as that other shop stays open, I’ll see ’em next year!

The last 2 days of our vacation were spent trying to fit in every last bit of activity we had on our to do list. A lot of beaching, a few visits to the souvenir shop and packing and re packing the car for the trip home Friday afternoon. That was a fiasco! I spent at least an hour scratching my noggin, asking myself 2 questions!! Did we really bring that much stuff with us? How do you ever expect me to fit that in the car safely?

Here are some photo highlights of the last few days of our vacation.

Daddy and Brennan spending some quality time together under the umbrella…

Looks like someone is tired out…

Rowan sticks pretty close to Gaga…

We ended up staying for a total of 7 days (Saturday to Friday). Just enough time to get relaxed. We said goodbye to the house on Friday after lunch and drove 6 hrs north to Delaware to spend the night at my mother’s. Rowan’s birthday was on Saturday so we had dinner and cake for him. And more presents! The lucky duck. Gramma Jordan, Grandpa Bob, and aunts Kellie and Erin were happy to see us.

We packed up again on Saturday afternoon to travel another 6 hrs north to Binghamton, NY. We stopped to have dinner with my cousin Adrienne and her family. Aunt Joy (my mother’s sister, Adrienne’s mom) made a nice dinner of grilled pork tenderloin and veggies with sweet potato fries. We stayed and visited for a few hours and left around 11 pm with the kiddos in tow. Another hour and 15 min. north and we were home. Yay! I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

I left the glorious un packing of the car job unfinished till today. Some things you just shouldn’t rush… ha!

Today we slept in!! The DW and I went to the local Chopper to refill our cupboards. And found every excuse not to get back into work mode.

I got Barb, Barbara and Anna’s prizes ready for mailing tomorrow. Lynn’s will be ready by Wednesday. I need to go through our store inventory to put her goody box together. Then I can work on the 5 remaining care packages. Which reminds me! I need to draw 3 more names!

Well, I don’t have time to do that tonight. I need to get a Sunday stash listing together, pack up some store orders that came in while we were away and get my ducks in a row for work tomorrow. Back to the grindstone!

Happy quilting all,