Where did January go?

Hi all – I don’t know where this past month has gone, but with all the things I’ve had going on in my schedule it sure has disappeared quite quickly.

I know I haven’t spoken of my job much in the past, but day to day my main occupation for the last 8 years has been a Funeral Director. I manage a funeral establishment in a mid size college town. I is a job that can be both very stressful and rewarding at times. It takes a lot of late nights, long days and lots of time away from your family. You can go from having so many calls with too much to accomplish in the time you have available to having so much free time you can’t imagine having to paint or clean the gathering spaces for the umpteenth time that year.

This month has been no exception. We’ve been so busy lately that I’ve utterly cherished my every other weekend off schedule. Crafting and quilting has become a necessity in my life. It keeps me grounded and sane. It’s a time I thoroughly enjoy for myself. Being a funeral director takes dedication to families who are going through quite literally the worst days of their lives. I need to personalize a service to honor their loved one and have everything go off without a hitch. No pressure! We need to coordinate every aspect of the services. With this said, many of the families are making demands of us completely oblivious to the fact that we have 3 other services going on at the same time. Our mantra is “hurry up and wait” and our answer to every question is “yes, we can take care of that for you.”

I grew up in the community where I work. When I was getting ready to head to college I had no idea I would ever become a funeral director. My family was in the restaurant business, having run the local diner in town for 12 plus years. I guess that is where I developed my comfort level around people. I got to know everyone in town so it seemed like a natural fit when it came time to start work. Everyone was comfortable with me taking on a job that requires a great amount of trust. Yes, it can be a great test of faith and will at times, literally burying your friends and neighbors. But it’s 100% satisfying to know that you could be there to help people when they needed you and that they were kind enough to call you to help manage a very sensitive situation. Sure there have been days when I wanted to turn the phone off and quit, but there have also been days when I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

This brings me to my crafting obsession. I love creating things that put a smile on people’s faces. I guess that’s my way of dealing with the heavy issues I face day to day. I created Catskill Country Cupboard as my therapy outlet to share my happy creations with everyone. Everything we offer has been hand made with love and care. My gift to you.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Don’t wait another day to share with your special someone how much you love them. Here are some more vintage post card images from my collections that you are free to use in projects: